Lyrical Level 2-3

Flexibility and body control with proper form is needed for this class.  You will be learning more demanding steps and tricks mixed with tumbling and acro.

Hip Hop Level 4-5

This class will push the limits on tricks and combinations to make you a hit anywhere you go.  Learn Stalls, Russians, 6 step and many other cool moves.

Jazz Level 1

Jazz is the upbeat ballet.  It includes all the technique and strength training of ballet without turnout.  It has lively music and fun combinations to appropriate music.  Develop basic turns, leaps and body alignment in this class.

Jazz Level 2-3

Jazz for students that have basic development and are ready to attack some fun and tricky moves.  Multiple turns, leaps and across the floor combinations make this a fun class.

Ballet Level 2-3

This class is for students who have a good foundation in proper technique and skills.  Barre exercises and center floor combinations are more complex. 

Redmond's Favorite Dance Studio

Lyrical Level 1

Lyrical is a type of Jazz for students ages 8 & up with 2 yrs of jazz or ballet training.  It is an acting form of dance relating the movements to the music and its meaning. 


Pointe class is for serious dancers only with a minimum of 2 hours a week of ballet.  You must audition for this class or be invited.

Tap Levels 2-3

Complex combinations of choreography including wings, riffs, nerve tap, pickups, and turn combinations.  This class will cover levels 3-4 of the Al Gilbert teaching system.

Pre K Combo

Combo 2 is for second year students ages 4-5 that are continuing their growth in Tap, Jazz and Ballet.  Focus is on body alignment, combinations, and dance class etiquette.

​Miss Kimber's   Dance Magic

Tap Level 4-7

Complex combinations of choreography including wings, riffs, nerve tap. pickups, and turn combinations. This class will cover levels 5-8 of the Al Gilbert teaching system.

Ballet Level 4-5

This class is for advanced ballet students who are preparing for pointe and have good technique. Serious students only please.

Tap Level 1

Tap combines the music in our ears to the music in our feet.  Like a drummer's feet add to the dimensions of the music with percussions.  This class covers level 1-2 of the Al Gilbert teaching system.

Tot Combo 1

Combo is a fun and explorative class giving young children ages 3-4 an all around experience in Tap, Jazz and Ballet.The focus is on basic technique, body awareness, coordination and movement to sounds and music.

Fall Schedule September 11th 2017- June 23rd 2018

3 yr old classes -

Monday Combo 10-10:45

Wednesday Combo 10-10:45 

Thursday Combo 10-10:45

4 yr old classes -

Monday Ballet 11-11:45

Tuesday Combo 5-6

Thursday Combo 11-11:45

5 yr old classes - 

Monday Ballet 11-11:45

Tuesday Combo 5-6

Wednesday Ballet 4-5

Thursday Combo 11-11:45

Thursday Combo 5:15-6

6 yr old classes - 

Monday Tap/Jazz 4-5

Tuesday Combo 5-6

Wednesday Ballet 4-5

Thursday Combo 5:15-6

7 yr old classes - 

Monday Tap/Jazz 4-5

Monday Ballet 5-6

Monday Lyrical 4-5

Tuesday Hip Hop 4-5

Wednesday Ballet 4-5

8 yr old classes - 

Monday Beg/Int Lyrical 4-5

Monday Tap 6-7

Tuesday Hip Hop 4-5

Tuesday Jazz 6-7

Wed Ballet 5-6

Thursday Jazz 6-7

9-13 yr old classes - 

Monday Tap 6-7

Monday Lyrical 4-5, 5-6

Tuesday Hip Hop 4-5. 5-6

Tuesday Jazz 6-7

Tuesday Tap 6-7

Tuesday Ballet 4-5

Wednesday Ballet/Pointe 3-4

Wednesday Ballet 5-6

Thursday Jazz 4-5, 6-7

14 & up - 

Monday Lyrical 5-6

Tuesday Ballet 3-4, 4-5

Tuesday Hip Hop 5-6

Tuesday Tap 6-7

Wednesday Ballet/Pointe 3-4

Thursday Jazz 4-5

Thursday Tap 6-7

Hip Hop Level 2-3

After completion of Level 1 Hip Hop you will be ready to learn kick flips, top rock, v kicks, multiple coffee grinders, and knee slides.

Hip Hop Beg-Level 1

Hip Hop invites children ages 6 and older to explore the newer styles of today's popular dance moves with a modest approach.

Ballet Level 1

Ballet is the basics for all creative movement.  The focus is on body alignment, positions, grace, agility, and strength.  Introduction to turns and leaps!